What our students do after they graduate: Elizabeth Carlson and Andrew Barnhart

Elizabeth Carlson and Andrew Barnhart graduated from the Bioethics & Society MA programme at King’s College London in 2015.

Elizabeth CarlsonElizabeth has just started her post-graduate career by recently becoming a policy analyst for the Provincial Government of Alberta through the Alberta Public Service Internship in Edmonton, Canada. In this position Elizabeth performs research for policy and programs in the Ministry of Seniors and Housing. Her bioethics education allows her to engage with her work on an interdisciplinary level; combining philosophical, sociological, and scientific points of view.

Andrew BarnhartAndrew recently obtained a position as an adjunct philosophy instructor at Frederick Community College in the United States. He will teach courses related to ethics and philosophy to incoming students. Previously, Andrew was a research assistant at SSHM working with Dr. Courtney Davis on a project involving an analysis of NICE’s assessment of anti-obesity and diabetes pharmaceuticals.

Andrew chose the Bioethics & Society MA programme because he wanted to practice pragmatic ethical philosophy and shape future policies regarding contemporary scientific and social issues. These are goals that he continues to strive and achieve today.

Elizabeth says about her education at SSHM: “The Bioethics and Society MA attracted me because I wanted to merge my scientific and philosophy education. his unique MA allowed me to use my background and experiences to build an education around my interests and challenge me philosophically. This experience benefits my current position as a policy analyst because I now can use a developed interdisciplinary perspective to gain the best possible understanding of the issues at hand”.

Applications for entry September 2016 for the Bioethics & Society MA programme are open (deadline July 31st, 2016). For info see here:



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