About SSHM

Social Science, Health and Medicine at King’s is a unique research-led, interdisciplinary department founded in 2012, and grounded in the belief that health across the life course is more than a medical matter, that illness and ageing are human experiences, shaped by language and meaning, by cultural beliefs and values, and by social, political and economic conditions.

At SSHM we explore the complex social determinants of health, illness and ageing, and the ways in which advances in biomedicine and biotechnology are changing expectations about life and health and the nature of medical practice. Its mission is to address the changing landscape of health and medicine from a social science perspective.

Social Science, Health and Medicine is home to the Institute of Gerontology, one of the foremost gerontological research and teaching centres worldwide. It is a centre of expertise in multi-disciplinary research into ageing, working with colleagues across King’s and in other institutions.

The Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine is located in the heart of London on King’s College Strand Campus, offering our students a multiplicity of unique opportunities to engage with the challenges surrounding the recent developments of biomedicine and biotechnology.

You can stay updated with our seminars, workshops, new publications and projects by signing up to the SSHM blog, and to the SSHM Newsletter.

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