Biomedicine, Ethics & Social Justice

The group has a diverse portfolio of research projects.

Collaboration, consultancy and dialogue with publics, practitioners, policy makers and other constituencies underpins all work carried out in BESJ. For example, members of our research group contribute to the work of national bioethics bodies (e.g. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics, the Austrian National Bioethics Council), national research ethics policy organisations (e.g. the U.K. National Research Ethics Service), international and global health policy organisations (e.g. the WHO, the Council for International Organizations of Medical Science), as well as a range of European organisations (e.g. European Science Foundation, ESF) and NGOs.

Members of the BESJI Research Group:


Dr Annette Rid (Chair)

Dr Barbara Prainsack

Dr Silvia Camporesi

Prof Bronwyn Parry

Prof Nik Rose

Prof Ilina Singh

Dr Sridhar Venkatapuram


Dr Des Fitzgerald

Dr Gauri Raje


Prof Renata Saleci

Prof Norman Sartorius

PhD students

Mansooreh Saniei

Members of BESJ are regular commentators on societal, ethical and regulatory aspects of bioscience and medicine in public media, organise and participate in public engagement initiatives, and speak at academic and public events on a range of issues in the domain of biomedicine, ethics, and social justice.

For further details on the BESJ group, please contact the chair, Dr Annette Rid

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