SSHM Research

Bringing together social scientists, biomedical researchers and clinicians, the Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine offers a portfolio of research-led teaching at postgraduate and doctoral levels and a flagship undergraduate programme. We undertake the highest quality research on health and illness, which is both transdisciplinary and transnational and inspires creative interactions between individuals and groups across King’s College London, and beyond.

Our research is organised into the following themes:

•  Ageing & Society

•  Biomedicine, Ethics & Social Justice (BESJ)

•  Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Public Policy (BPPP)

•  Culture, Medicine & Power (CMP)

You can read more about the Biomedicine, Ethics & Social Justice research group here.

Social Science, Health and Medicine is home also to the Institute of Gerontology, one of the foremost gerontological research and teaching centres worldwide. It is a centre of expertise in multi-disciplinary research into ageing, working with colleagues across King’s and in other institutions.

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