2015 UNDP Kapuscinski Development Lecture with Paul Farmer

If you have missed the UNDP Kapuscinski Development Lecture with Paul Farmer on April 20, 2015, you can now watch it online here:


failure“How can we build health systems capable of responding to threats such as Ebola?” asks Paul Farmer ahead of his lecture in London. As of March 2015, donors have pledged more than $5 billion to the Ebola response. This is over 15 times the annual national health budgets of the three heavily affected countries combined, and three times more than it would have cost to guarantee universal access to basic health services in 2012. Mounting emergency responses to disasters is a poor alternative—in both costs and lives lost—to building strong systems capable of preventing threats such as Ebola from turning into widespread crises. If the world leaves behind a legacy of health systems able to deliver modern medicine to those previously denied access to it, diseases such as Ebola will not stand a chance.

IMG-20150420-WA0017Dr. Farmer has also written extensively on health and human rights, about the role of social inequalities in the distribution and outcome of infectious diseases, and about global health.

The “Kapuscinski Development Lectures” are named after Ryszard Kapuscinski, an acclaimed Polish journalist and writer who covered developing countries.

In the European Year of Development, the lecture series offers a remarkable opportunity to learn and discuss development issues such as climate change, human rights, aid effectiveness, Europe-Africa relations, Millennium Development Goals among others. The high-level events contribute to the debate and formulation of the European development policy.

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