Islam & Bioethics

We are reconvening with the BESJ Reading Group to discuss Islam & Bioethics on April 16th at 4 pm in room 3.1.1, East Wing, King’s Building.

islamWe are going to discuss two articles by Dr Aasim Padela:

  1. Padela, Aasim I. “Islamic medical ethics: a primer.” Bioethics21.3 (2007): 169-178.
  1. Padela, A., & Mohiuddin, A. (2015). Ethical obligations and clinical goals in end-of-life care: Deriving a quality-of-life construct based on the Islamic concept of accountability before God (taklīf). The American Journal of Bioethics15(1), 3-13.

Dr. Padela is an emergency medicine physician, health services researcher, and bioethicist whose scholarship focuses on the intersection of community health, religious tradition, and bioethics.​

All are welcome!

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