The Dissertation in Bioethics and Society (60 credits) is part of the core content of the MA in Bioethics & Society and offers students the opportunity to investigate in depth a bioethical topic of their choice.

The dissertation module is designed to prepare students to carry out an independent, small-scale research project for the dissertation. In addition, the process of conceptualizing and writing their dissertation prepares students for possible further studies or for research they may carry out in future professional roles.

The taught component of the module includes methods workshops on empirical bioethics, as well as workshops on conducting a successful research project. In the course of the module, students prepare a short dissertation proposal setting out the field, working title, brief abstract, indicative reading and timetable for research. They also give a presentation on their research proposal. Students are assigned to a suitable dissertation supervisor and receive up to six hours of tutorial support with their research and write-up of the dissertation. The dissertation has a maximum length of 15’000 words.

Starting in 2014/15 the dissertation module can be coupled to an internship.

Dr Filippa Lentzos coordinates the assignment of supervisors for student dissertations.

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