Optional modules

Students will need to take one of the three Research Methods modules offered at SSHM:

    • Critical Policy Research for Health and Medicine (NEW MODULE for 2015/16!) convened by Dr Dominique Behague and Dr Federica Lucivero (on Mondays)

This training is necessary for carrying out an empirical research project during the Dissertation module.

In addition, students can take 15/20 credits of optional modules taught at the Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine or in other departments at King’s (upon mutual agreement between module convenors).

NB it cannot be guaranteed that all modules are offered in any particular academic year.

The list of optional modules offered at SSHM for 2015/16 is the following:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Society, convened by Professor John Abraham (on Mondays)
  • Genomics and Society, convened by Professor Barbara Prainsack (on Tuesdays)
  • Ethics in Clinical Research, convened by Dr Annette Rid (on Mondays)
  • Ageing in a Global Context, convened by Dr Mayumi Hayashi (on Mondays)
  • Researching Vulnerable Populations, convened by Dr Hanna Kienzler (in term 3, 1 week-intensive module in May, tbd)
  • Psychiatry Culture Globalization, convened by Professor Nikolas Rose (tbd)

For inquiries contact Dr Silvia Camporesi: silvia.1.camporesi@kcl.ac.uk

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