Interns-Wanted1-150x150Internships are an exciting feature of the postgraduate degrees offered by the Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine. They provide students with the opportunity to gain work experience and expertise in an area of their interest.

Internships are structured periods of time that students spend in a selected range of partner organisations and institutions. During the internship – which lasts a minimum of 15 working days – students contribute to a specific project or area of work that is relevant to their course of study. Internships broaden the horizons of students and increase their employability. Especially when combined with a dissertation, internships can become an attractive and exciting part of student research projects, in addition to being an important step towards a future career.

Internships are taken as an optional module of 20 credits at the Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine. Students are required to write an internship report of 3,000 words.

In addition to the internship itself, students will attend 8 skills-based seminars run by the King’s College Internship Office. You can find more information about the Internship module here.

Obtaining an Internship

The Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine has developed a portfolio of internship opportunities for its post-graduate students, and King’s Internship Office will do everything possible to assist students locate an internship. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to secure a placement.

Internships must meet the following three requirements:

1. The placement has some policy or political or ethical or health & disease relevance

2. The placement is at least 120 hours (spread over 15 consecutive working days or  over time)

3. The student misses no class to conduct the placement

If you have any questions about the internship modules, or would like to know more about possibilities, please contact the convenor of the module, Dr Carlo Caduff:

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