Recent Publications

Recent publications by the Bioethics & Society core faculty (selection):

Abdul-Karim, R., Berkman, B. E., Wendler, D., Rid, A., Khan, J., Badgett, T., & Hull, S. C. (2013). Disclosure of Incidental Findings From Next-Generation Sequencing in Pediatric Genomic Research. Pediatrics131(3), 564-571

Bard, I., & Singh, I. (2012). Neuroscience: Help to survey the use of smart drugs. Nature486(7404), 473-473.

PUblicationsCamporesi, S. (2011). Can We Finally See Pain?: Brain Imaging Techniques and Implications for the Law. Journal of Consciousness Studies18(9-10), 9-10.

Camporesi, S., & McNamee, M. J. (2012). Gene Transfer for Pain: A tool to cope with the intractable, or an unethical enduranceenhancing technology? Life Sciences, Society and Policy8(1), 20.

Camporesi, S. (2013). Bend it like Beckham! The ethics of genetically testing children for athletic potentialSport, Ethics and Philosophy7(2), 175-185.

Karkazis, K., Jordan-Young, R., Davis, G., & Camporesi, S. (2012). Out of bounds? A critique of the new policies on hyperandrogenism in elite female athletes. The American Journal of Bioethics12(7), 3-16.

Kelly, B., Rid, A., & Wendler, D. (2012). Systematic Review: Individuals’ Goals for Surrogate Decision‐MakingJournal of the American Geriatrics Society,60(5), 884-895..

Ragan, C. I., Bard, I., & Singh, I. (2013). What should we do about student use of cognitive enhancers? An analysis of current evidenceNeuropharmacology,64, 588-595.

Rid, A. (2012). Risk and Risk-Benefit Evaluations in Biomedical Research. InHandbook of Risk Theory (pp. 179-211). Springer Netherlands.

Rid, A., & Wendler, D. (2011). A framework for risk-benefit evaluations in biomedical research. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal21(2), 141-179.

Singh, I., Filipe, A. M., Bard, I., Bergey, M., & Baker, L. (2013). Globalization and cognitive enhancement: emerging social and ethical challenges for ADHD clinicians. Current psychiatry reports15(9), 385-385.

Singh, I. (2012). Brain talk: power and negotiation in children’s discourse about self, brain and behaviourSociology of health & illness.

Singh, I. (2013). Victimology versus character: new perspectives on the use of stimulant drugs in children. Journal of medical ethics39(6), 372-373.

Wendler, D., & Rid, A. (2011). Systematic review: the effect on surrogates of making treatment decisions for others. Annals of Internal Medicine154(5), 336-346.


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