Student Profiles 2015/16

Edgar René Ruiz López (1)Edgar René Ruiz López obtained his B.A. in Philosophy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the same university where he also completed a one year internship at the Institute of Philosophical Research. His interest for applied ethics was born from his desire to understand how the most abstract notions in philosophical ethics could relate to the very concrete ethical issues and decisions we might face in our everyday lives. After studying a diplomat with the College of Bioethics, and after having the opportunity of working as a member of the research ethics committee in the National Institute of Medical Science and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán in Mexico City, he discovered in bioethics an amazingly rich field in which his philosophical interests could converge with his ambition to make a positive impact in the world. It is thanks to the combined support from King’s College London and the National Council of Science and Technology from Mexico that Edgar is now on the track of building a career in the field of bioethics.

gaayathriGaayathri Sivasubramanian comes from India. After her Undergraduate Studies in Sociology in India, Gaayathri set her mind to continue with Postgraduate Studies at King’s College London. When asked why she chose King’s, she says: “It is because of the invaluable history of the institution”. Regarding her motivations to study Bioethics, she adds: I have always had ethical concerns and an urge to learn more about ethics. Life is meaningless without the essence of ethics. I am passionate about gaining new experiences and insights. And I’m sure that the Bioethics and Society programme is a wonderful learning platform for everyone like me who aspires to become a bioethicist”.

IMG_4257Rachel Siden is an American student who received her undergraduate degree in philosophy with a secondary major in religious studies from University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is fascinated by the ethical implications of new biotechnologies that bring science-fiction to life and the relationship between economics and health. With her master’s degree, she hopes to pursue a career in policy research to defend and improve people’s access to health. In the mean time, she is loving her new life in London and is amazed by how living abroad has changed how she sees the world. Rachel is student rep for the programme for 2015/16 (with Melissa Wood).


Lukshmi Solos earned her BA from Georgetown University with concentrations in Philosophy, Theology, and Psychology.

While her senior thesis analyzed genetically modified foods and their connection to cancer, working with Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics invoked her true passion for helping the elderly and palliative care. Once she completes her MA from King’s, she plans to pursue a PhD before starting her career as a clinical ethicist with future hopes of starting a nursing home for individuals with special needs.

MelissaMelissa Wood graduated from Armstrong State University with a BHS in Health Administration. In 2013, she began work as a patient advocate at St. Mary’s Community Center where she found her passion for bioethics. Melissa is particularly interested in ethics at end-of-life and global perspectives on ageing. After completing the Bioethics & Society MA programme at KCL, she hopes to pursue a career as a clinical ethicist.

Melissa is student rep for the programme for 2015/16 (with Rachel Siden).