What our students do after they graduate

James Aluri, MA in Bioethics & Society (2014/15), is working as a Research Associate at the Presidential Commission for the Study on Bioethical Issues. You can read more about his role and the Commission here.

Andrew Barnhart, MA in Bioethics & Society (2014/15), recently obtained a position as an adjunct philosophy instructor at Frederick Community College in the United States. He will teach courses related to ethics and philosophy to incoming students. Previously, Andrew was a research assistant at SSHM working with Dr. Courtney Davis on a project involving an analysis of NICE’s assessment of anti-obesity and diabetes pharmaceuticals.

Alex Meyer, MA in Bioethics & Society (2014/15) returns to Ambry Genetics as a genetic counsellor (oncology specialist) where she intends to open a bioethical unit. You can read more about Alex’s new role at Ambry here.

Elizabeth Carlson, MA in Bioethics & Society (2014/15) , started her post-graduate career by recently becoming a policy analyst for the Provincial Government of Alberta through the Alberta Public Service Internship in Edmonton, Canada. In this position Elizabeth performs research for policy and programs in the Ministry of Seniors and Housing. Her bioethics education allows her to engage with her work on an interdisciplinary level; combining philosophical, sociological, and scientific points of view. To contact her: eacarlso@ualberta.ca

Hanna Gouta, MA in Bioethics & Society (2014/15), started working as a junior analyst for Integrity in January 2016. Integrity is a service provider and a consultancy working for governments, international organisations in the aid and development sectors and global private companies. In this role Hanna is supporting the Services team with methodological design and research and analysis. To contact her click here.

Rose Mortimer, MA in Bioethics & Society (2014/15), is a PhD student at Oxford working on a project on early intervention in child psychiatry. You can read more here.

Rich Wordsworth, MA in Bioethics & Society (2014/15) works as a freelance journalist for Vice, Gizmodo, Kotaku and other online platforms. You can read some of his recent bioethics pieces here (on engineering babies), here (on black market in organs), and here (on using preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select for deafness). You can follow Rich on twitter @rjwordsworth and see his full portfolio here: https://richwordsworth.com/

If you are a SSHM Alumnus/Alumna and would like to be listed here please contact Dr Silvia Camporesi: silvia.1.camporesi@kcl.ac.uk

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