Exploring Medical London

17th century surgery

17th century surgery

As part of the Medical London Excursion programme, SSHM staff and PGT students have enjoyed two trips to unique London museums so far this academic year. These excursions allow students to broaden their understanding of medicine in society whilst meeting fellow students and SSHM faculty. The first was to the Old Operating Theatre in November, and most recently to the Freud Museum in February.

Hanna at the Freud Museum

Hanna at the Freud Museum

The November trip saw the group educated in the surgical techniques of doctors before the age of anaesthesia. Students sat in Europe’s oldest operating theatre and listened to a fascinating (if somewhat gruesome) talk about the procedures that took place there. This was followed by a historical walking tour of the old St Thomas’ Hospital.

The February excursion transported staff and students to the Freud family home. The group was treated to Sigmund’s

At the Freud Museum

At the Freud Museum

expansive antiquities collection and a talk in Freud’s study, preserved as it was in his lifetime, complete with the iconic ‘psychoanalyst’s couch’.

The faculty of Social Science and Public Policy kindly covered admission and transport fees. The next trip is scheduled for the 6th May, and is open to both staff and PGR students.

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